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Chimney repair calls are most commonly prompted by chimney leaks. When rain falls on the top of homes, it can reveal weaknesses and flaws in any structure it touches. If there is a chimney leaking, rainwater can infiltrate and potentially damage your home. There are often clear indications that your chimney is in need of repair.

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Signs of a Leaky Fireplace

Here are some signs of a leaking chimney:

  1. Water stains on the ceiling or walls near the fireplace or chimney
  2. A musty odor coming from the fireplaces or chimneys
  3. Found visible dripping or leaking water in the firebox from the roof
  4. Cracks in the chimney masonry or mortar
  5. Rust or other signs of leaking from a rusted chase top
  6. Loose or missing chimney flashing
  7. A damaged chimney cap or crown
  8. Efflorescence or white stains on the wooden fireplace masonry or mortar, which can indicate water damage.
  9. Rain appears to be leaking through the top of the home.

If you notice any of these signs or leaks, all you need to do is contact a professional chimney leak repair service to diagnose and repair the chimneys leak. They can inspect your chimney flashing and identify the source of the leak, provide necessary repairs or replacements, and ensure that your chimney is functioning safely and efficiently.

What causes chimney leaks?

There are several factors that can cause chimney leaks, including:

  1. Damaged chimney’s cap: A cracked or missing chimney cap can allow water to enter your chimney system and cause leaks.
  2. Cracked masonry: Cracks in the masonry of your chimney can turn into leaky chimney.
  3. Damaged flashing: Flashing is a material that seals the joint between the chimneys and the roof to prevent water from entering. Cracked flashing can allow water to seep in.
  4. Improperly constructed fireplace crown: The chimney crown is the top layer of the chimney that helps prevent water from entering. An improperly constructed or cracked chimney cap can allow water to penetrate your fireplace system or chimney flue.
  5. Condensation: In some cases, condensation can form on the inside of your chimney and cause water damage.
  6. Poor installation: If your chimney was not properly installed, it may be more prone to leaks or damage.

If you suspect that your chimney joints are leaking, it’s important to contact a professional chimney repair service to diagnose, sweep or repair the issue. They can inspect your chimney and identify the regular source of the leak, provide necessary repairs or replacements, and ensure that your chimney is functioning safely and efficiently.

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At our company, we take pride in our workmanship and stand behind the quality of our services. We offer a warranty on all of our repairs, giving you peace of mind knowing that your chimney is protected.

How to Do Dripping chimney leak Repair

The best way to fix a chimney leak will depend on the specific cause of the leak. Here are some possible solutions:

  1. Chimney cap repair or replacement: If the chimney cap is damaged or missing, repairing or replacing it can help prevent water from entering the chimney liner.

  2. Chimney flashing repair or replacement: Improperly installed flashing can allow water to seep into the chimney. Repairing or replacing the flashing can fix the leak.

  3. Chimney crown repair: The crown chimney is the top layer of the chimney that helps prevent water from entering. Repairing or replacing a damaged crown can fix the leak.

  4. Masonry repair: Cracks in the masonry or mortar can allow water to penetrate. Repair chimney cracks to fix the leak.

  5. Chimney Waterproofing: Applying a waterproofing agent to the chimney leaking can help prevent water from seeping into the masonry.

  6. Installing a cricket: If your chimney is located on the downhill side of your roof, installing a cricket (a small ridge on the roof) can help divert water away from the chimney cover.

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